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        Without the backing paper aluminum foil tape manual BOPP  Back


        Product quality: high quality aluminum foil tape with liner
        The product brand: German ocean (DEYANG)
        Product specifications: 4.5cm*50m
        Product material: aluminum foil
        Packing: carton packaging
        Product introduction: German foreign brand of aluminum foil tape using high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, through the silicone treated isolation made of paper, insulation performance is greatly improved, which has good anti UV, some of the chemicals, moisture-proof, fireproof performance, strong adhesion. This product without the backing paper, use more convenient, more environmental protection.
        Product use: aluminum foil tape with seam paste all aluminum foil composite material, insulation nail puncture seal and breakage repair, is the main refrigerator factory production of raw and auxiliary materials, insulation materials Distribution Department will also purchase of raw materials.
        Widely used for refrigerator, freezer, refrigeration equipment, electronic related industries, thermal insulation engineering, sealing edge etc..